Services Included

There are two types of service packages – economy and premium.

The following services are offered for both packages:

  • Seller reliability assessment. I will check the seller’s ratings and feedback. If the seller does not seem capable of providing quality, authentic products, I will inform you and help you to look for alternative sellers. Purchasing from reliable sellers and official platforms will reduce the likelihood of problems with your purchases.
  • Translation and communication of important information e.g. product release dates if it is a preorder, defects and other vital information that I think you should know as a consumer. If there is any specific information that you wish to know, please feel free to ask.
  • Purchasing the product
  • Receiving/collecting of purchased products
  • Verification of purchased products. Please refer to this page for what we are able to verify.
  • Returns / Exchanges of products with defects or mistakes, and any other after-sales service where applicable, before the products are shipped to you. (Not applicable for second-hand/used items)
  • Consolidation of products from different stores

The following services differ by package:

  • Types of products
    • Premium: Besides direct purchase from most Taiwan-based market-places and commercial stores, also allows for other services like purchasing/preordering from personal websites, preordering of products with long wait times, certain offline stores and events (depending on location), mail forwarding and ibon-printing.
    • Economy: Only direct purchase from Taiwan-based market-places and commercial webstores
  • Inspection of purchased products.
    • Premium: More detailed inspection for the condition of the product. If you have specific concerns, you can raise them and we’ll do the necessary inspection.
    • Economy: Just surface inspection to ensure the product corresponds to the sale listing.
    • For both services, brand-new and sealed products will not be removed from their packaging for inspection unless you request. We are unable to verify the functionality or authenticity of purchased products. Please refer to this page for more about what we are able to verify.
  • Storage period
    • Premium: Free storage for an indefinite period of time. However, long-term storage is not encouraged as the facility is a residential area and not a dedicated storage warehouse.
    • Economy: Free storage for up to 1 week. If you’re purchasing multiple products at different times, let me know in advance so we might be able to work something out.
  • Preparation of parcel for shipping
    • Premium: Accepts more customised requests for shipping in terms of type of packaging material and even size reduction of boxes to reduce shipping cost.
    • Economy: Customisation is limited. If you have a preference for certain shipping methods, please ask in advance
  • Photo-taking of purchased products
    • Premium: Available upon request. Please ask before making shipping arrangements and let me know specifically what parts you wish to see photographed.
    • Economy: Available upon request for a fee
  • Insurance for loss package
    • Premium: Not available
    • Economy: 2% of the value of that you wish to insure for. Please request when you place the order.

I work with different warehouses/proxies to provide the above services, so it is not possible to combine shipping for both, or request different services for products in the same order. Please choose the most applicable service when you place your order.  You may place separate orders, however.