China / Taobao / Xianyu Shopping Service

This service is for you to purchase and ship products from China to your country! Orders for different online stores can be submitted and processed any time, consolidated into one shipment and mailed directly to your address.

Last updated: 22 March 2023

Services Included
My service fees cover the following features:
  • Seller reliability assessment. I will check the seller’s ratings and feedback. If the seller does not seem capable of providing quality, authentic products, I will inform you and help you to look for alternative sellers if necessary. Purchasing from reliable sellers and official platforms will reduce the likelihood of problems with your purchases.
  • Translation and communication of important information e.g. product release dates if it is a preorder, defects and other vital information that I think you should know as a consumer. If there is any specific information that you wish to know, please ask.
  • Purchasing the product
  • Receiving/collection of purchased products
  • Verification of purchased products. Please refer to this page for what we are able to verify.
  • Returns / Exchanges of products with defects or mistakes, and any other after-sales service where applicable, before the products are shipped to you. (Not applicable for second-hand / used items)
  • Free storage for up to 90 days from the time of purchase. A free or paid extension may be possible depending on the storage volume at the warehouse. Please ask in advance.
  • Consolidation of products from different stores
  • Packaging and administration procedures for shipping of parcel
  • Photo-taking of purchased products is available on request. Photos showing the general appearance of the product are free to request, while detailed photos of specific parts will require an additional fee. Please state your interest when you place your order so I can advise you on the necessary fees and make the photography request as soon as the products arrive at the warehouse.
  • For Singapore-bound shipments, free storage is up to 60 days, and there is no photography or verification service. This is because the service I use for Singapore-bound shipments is a pure forwarding service which is more economical. If you require longer storage, product verification and photography, please inform me when placing your order and I will direct your parcel to the international warehouse.
How to Pay

I accept the following payment methods:

  • WISE
  • Paypal
  • Paypal echeck (I can only process your order after the echeck has cleared)
  • Credit Card via Paypal for non-Paypal members
  • Any Singapore-based payment platform e.g. Bank transfer, Paynow, Paylah, Google Pay
  • For any other payment methods, feel free to ask

I accept payments in USD and SGD currencies, based on live currency exchange rates.

How Much Will It Cost?

The payable amount consists of 2 parts:
1) Cost of item + shopping service fees
2) International shipping fees


1) Cost of item + shopping service fees

Use this cost estimation spreadsheet to estimate how much part (1) of your order will cost. Simply download it if you have a programme that can read excel, or make a copy of it if you have Google Sheets.

Explanation about service fees:


  • 10% of item price + domestic shipping fee within China.
  • 15% if the order is more complex, such as pre-orders with payments made over different periods, or made-to-order cosplay and clothing where communication with the seller is necessary.


  • 15% of item price + domestic shipping fee within China.
  • For orders submitted after 29 March 5PM, this fee will be raised to 20%, with a 3 USD / 5 SGD handling fee for each item that is priced below 150rmb (inclusive of domestic postage)

Additional information:

  • Payment platform fees (e.g. Paypal fees, WISE fees, bank transfer fees) are billable expenses.


2) International shipping fees

  • Payment is only required when you make arrangements to have your purchases shipped to you.
  • Includes shipping fees, packaging costs and associated administrative costs (e.g. some couriers charge customs clearance fees).
  • I do not charge additional handling fees. However, payment platform fees (i.e. Paypal fees, WISE fees, bank transfer fees) are billable expenses.
  • The shipping rates list is no longer published due to fluctuating shipping rates, and courier services charging by volumetric weight if it is higher than physical weight. Volumetric weight is difficult to estimate without having the products and packaging materials at hand.
  • At the time of shipping, I will recommend the most economical express shipping method that is able to reach you within 2-3 weeks. If you have specific requests for shipping, please let me know in advance.
  • Orders placed are non-refundable even if you are unable or unwilling to pay for the shipping fee. If you have a strict shipping fee budget, please use the Price Quote Request Form. I will try to advise whether it is feasible to stay within it.
Terms & Conditions

Please read my Shopping Service FAQ to understand how it all works before placing your order to avoid any misunderstandings. Once you engage my shopping  service, it is an indication that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions.

Place Your Order or Get a Price Quote

Place your order through this Google Form

Orders submitted through the Order Form will have higher priority. This is encouraged for products in low-stock or one-of-a-kind items. But please only use this form if you intend to purchase, and only if you’re able to pay as soon as you receive the payment invoice.

If you are unsure about the actual listing price or committing to a purchase without a clear idea of the total amount payable, you can use the Price Quote Request / Contact Form.

Please use the Order Form responsibly. Repeatedly submitting orders without follow-through in a timely manner will result in de-prioritization of future orders.