I’m Angie the shopper, and here’s where you can get to know more about me and my shopping service!

About Me

I’m Angie. I’m from Singapore. I love Cats, Lolita Fashion and learning about the cultures of different countries. Running a shopping service across different countries allows me to gain many interesting insights into unique trends around the world.

I was a huge fan of Olivia Lufkin, and I named my personal website Celestial Delinquent after Olivia’s song because it’s a pretty title with meaningful lyrics. I made some attempts at blogging, and I also used it to host self-made scanlations for the Nana series. But eventually, I didn’t have much time for a personal website, so it ended up being my shopping service website.

I discovered the joys of shopping on Taobao after people on the EGL community posted glowing reviews of their Taobao purchases. I started off by purchasing through a Taobao Shopping Service. Then I realized that communicating directly with Taobao sellers myself would be easier since many Taobao Shopping Services know next to nothing about my unconventional hobbies. With the help of an agent in China who tops up my Alipay account and provides logistics services, I was able to purchase smoothly from Taobao.

But international shipping costs remains a real pain so after a few successful attempts of purchasing Taobao items myself, I decided to rope in some friends to purchase with me and share the shipping costs. Since then, helping my friends to buy stuff on Taobao became a regular thing for me. I started my shopping service on a Livejournal blog My Thrift Store in June 2009.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world with their purchases. I’ve shipped thousands of packages. I love doing these orders because I’ve gotten to know so many people who share similar interests from different parts of the world. Through my friends and fellow shoppers, I’ve also learnt about many excellent Taobao shops I’d not have discovered otherwise.

I have a full-time job as a communications consultant and other freelance projects in writing, research and translation. My shopping service is one of a few side hustles (I certainly don’t make enough from this to quit my job!). But as a responsible and committed individual, I try my best to provide the best service possible. If there’s anything I should improve on, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Why Choose My Service?

There are tonnes of Taobao shopping services out there. Why choose me?

I’m effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. No angsting over misunderstandings arising from words lost in translation.

My service is very personal. I deal with a small number of orders each time and I’m thorough with each order. I’ll help you make clarifications and raise specific requests to the sellers. Most large-scale shopping services find this too time-consuming and won’t bother with ‘troublesome’ orders like this. It is one of the reasons I decided to do my own Taobao shopping instead of relying on other agents.

I’m friendly and helpful. If you can’t find a particular item, I’ll suggest some search terms or even help you to search. Should you need advice in any area, be it seller’s feedback, store recommendation or even outfit coordination, I’ll be glad to help you at no extra cost!

I can help you translate important product descriptions. Many large shopping services use online translators to create English versions of the Taobao pages, but let’s face it, the stuff that comes out of online translators can be pretty hilarious and misleading.

I’m interested and knowledgeable about a lot of niche hobbies like cosplay, doujinshi collecting, lolita fashion and ball-jointed dolls, stuff that “normies” consider ‘weird’. I won’t ask you awkward questions, think of you as a pervert for ordering a book with 2 guys kissing on the cover,  or call our beloved Lolita dresses ‘costumes’.

As an avid online shopper myself, I understand your concerns and anxieties about online shopping. I’m pretty impatient myself, and I value good communication with online sellers, so I’ll always keep you in the loop, and I welcome requests for updates. Just don’t get obsessive or rush me.

I’ve been running my service for a decade and I’m still here.

If you value good service and a pleasant shopping experience, I will ensure that you get your money’s worth.


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Some of my favourite testimonies:

I’ve received so many great comments from my wonderful customers that it was really challenging choosing a few to showcase. Thank you so much! Such feedback is what motivates me to keep carrying on!

“I’ve used Angie’s shopping service so many times already that I’ve lost count. As always, all my purchases up to this point have arrived in such great condition, including this recent one. I can’t recommend her service enough! Anyway, I purchased some books and straps off of Taobao; all items were just as described, arrived promptly, and in excellent condition! I’m so happy with everything! Thank you, Angie! 🙂 ” -saniwa

“Wow! This was my first experience using Angie’s Celestial Delinquent Shopping Service, and what a great experience it was! In mere days after discovering her website and contacting her, she managed to track down an extremely rare doujinshi that I had been actively seeking for over a year. I was particularly impressed by her kind, clear, and prompt communication. The packaging and shipping time were absolutely excellent. Thanks so much, Angie! I’ll definitely be using your service again! ^_^” ~Ice

“Everything in order, always courteous and attentive to my doubts and what I asked for more than what was added to the package, all very well, what I liked the most was the seller-client communication, since I am from another continent and there are times where you have some details for the same but in the deal I almost felt that the person in question was in my country and it was great.
In addition to what the price-cost ratio for service-shipping is quite good, not as others inflate a 300-400% of the original price and I do a total theft, in this case it was not, I was very satisfied with my purchase.
I will ask for the service in the future without a doubt. ” -izuo017

“The Excel spreadsheet really made things easier to understand and automatically calculates everything for you once you input the information, so it really saved me a lot of trouble trying to work out how much I’d be spending for the items I was interested in and how much I could actually buy with my limited funds. Even though Angie was on hiatus at the time and gave a heads up about possible delays in replies, saying it may take a day or two after hiatus to get back to me, she responded to all my e-mails so very quickly on the very same day she was off hiatus. Shipping was also done quickly and the items arrived in 1.5 weeks, exactly within the 2 weeks time frame she said it would. I’m so very happy with how smooth the whole process went and would definitely use your service again. Thank you so much! ” -fuwacchi

“I used her shopping service for a taobao preorder item and she was so helpful! Emails were answered swiftly and when the items were slightly delayed (seller’s fault, not hers) she made sure to update me. Everything was packed safely and well-protected. I couldn’t be happier with this service and would recommend it to anyone, I’m sure I will use it again in the future myself!!! ” -smirkier

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