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Updated: 2021 March 30
With this update, shopping service fees are now at 20%. I apologise for the sudden increase which is largely due to my partner in Taiwan dealing with increased bank fees and rental fees, and we are tryng to see how to bring this down, including sourcing for new partnerships and payment platforms. Customers who made a downpayment for a split-payment prorder and is waiting to make their remainder payment will not be affected by this change.

This service is for those who wish to purchase anime and doujin items from Taiwan. Taiwan has a large domestic market of anime and doujin items. Doujin.com.tw is the top listing website for doujin works in Taiwan, where you will find information about titles and where to purchase them. Some circles also sell their books on the website itself under Booky. Other popular shopping platforms include Ruten, Shopee, and MyACG.

How to Pay

I accept the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Paypal echeck (I can only process your order after the echeck has cleared)
  • Credit Card via Paypal for non-Paypal members
  • Fund transfers to my Singapore bank account

I work with the currency SGD (Singapore dollars). Paypal is able to convert any currency into Singapore dollars.

To know how much the quoted costs in SGD stands for in your currency, use a currency converter website like www.xe.com.

How Much Will It Cost?

The payable amount consists of 2 parts:
1) Cost of item + shopping service fees
2) Shipping to You

1) Cost of item + Fees
Consists of Item price + Domestic shipping fee within Taiwan + my shopping service fees.

– Listed prices are in NT / Taiwan dollars.
– Buying multiple items from the same store usually entitles you to combined domestic shipping discount.
– If the price looks unreasonably cheap or expensive, it is most likely not the actual price.
– I will calculate for you exactly how much you have to pay before confirming your order, so don’t worry.

Calculation method:

(Item Price + Domestic shipping fee + Handling fee 80) NT / 18 x 120% = Payable amount in SGD
[Based on exchange rate of 1 SGD : 18NT. 20% = shopping service fee + cross-border transaction fees. Exchange rate includes bank transfer fees. A handling fee of 80NT is charged per item.]
For one-time orders 1000 NT and above, the exchange rate used is 1 SGD : 19NT

Using the above example: (250 + 40 + 80)NT / 18 x 120% = 24.70 SGD

One-time transactions smaller than 250 NT inclusive of domestic postage will incur an additional 80NT handling charge.

Regarding domestic postage, we usually take the lowest where possible as there is not much difference in service and speed. If you can’t identify which is the domestic postage for other online malls, it’s usually between 60 to 90 NT.


2) Shipping to your country

This payment portion will only be required when your purchases are ready for shipping and you choose a shipping method.

The following methods are available:
Air Parcel, takes 1 – 2 weeks: Click here
EMS, takes 6 – 10 days: Click here
Both methods come with tracking.

Please use the online calculator listed above to convert estimated shipping cost in NT to SGD.

Terms & Conditions

Please read my Shopping Service FAQ to understand how it all works before placing your order to avoid any misunderstandings. Once you engage my shopping  service, it is an indication that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions and will not be allowed to back out of the transaction without receiving negative feedback in return or request a refund should you have a complaint that I have already addressed.

Place Your Order

As of 16 Feb 2019, I have streamlined the order process. You will no longer have to submit your order via an excel file regardless of the number of purchases you have. (Old customers who wish to use the excel form may continue to do so). All you have to do is email your order to me using the following format:

Email subject: Taiwan Shopping Service – “Replace this with Your Name”

Your full name:

Payment method:

Your Paypal Email Address: (only if paying by paypal)

Shipping destination: (Just country will do for now. I will only ship the package to the address stated in your paypal payment. If you state your address here, it will be disregarded)

Your feedback page (if any): Only required if you are a new customer wishing to make payment via Paypal.

Examples of feedback page:

If you do not have any feedback from past transactions, you must be a verified account holder, and your shipping address must be the address in your Paypal account. If you’re using someone elses’ account to pay, please change the shipping address when paying my invoice. If you were referred by my friend / customer, telling me his/her name helps too.

Item 1:

Option: Size, Colour etc if applicable…
Additonal comments / questions specific to this item:

Item 2:

Option: Size, Colour etc if applicable…
Additonal comments / questions specific to this item:

Add more items if required.

Any specific deadline that you need your items by?

Comments, questions etc.:

Please submit your order to the following email address:


I will reply you within 2 working days. If you did not get my reply, it may be in your spam folder. Please check it!

I usually do not handle shopping service matters on weekends and public holidays.

Thanks for your interest!

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