Do you do quality checks?

Yes, please take note of the following:

Quantity: If the seller sends out less than what you ordered, the seller will be asked to send out the missing quantities free of charge. For bulk purchases concerning small items (e.g. buttons), it will not be possible to count everything and achieve a 100% accuracy.

Colour: The general color of the items will be checked (e.g. blue vs yellow), but not so much the shade of the colour (e.g. turquoise vs cerulean). The lighting when the photo was taken and the difference in calibration of colours on monitors can lead to slight difference in colours between actual item and photo onscreen.

Size: If the item comes with a sizing label, it is possible to check the order against it. If there’s no label, it will not be possible to check it. This applies to custom-sized clothing too.

Design/Style: Where there are multiple designs available, checks will be conducted to ensure the seller sent out the correct design. Marginal differences in design may be missed.

Obvious defects: Huge stains, scratches, holes/tears, dents and other obvious damages are usually spotted. However, quality issues like low-quality fabric, tiny holes, uneven prints and other non-obvious defects may not be spotted.

For items in sealed packaging, checks will be conducted based on what is visible through the packaging or what is printed on the packaging. The product will not be extracted for further inspection.

Inspections will not be conducted for the following:

  • Authenticity of branded/designer/official goods
  • Functionality
  • Complicated items consisting of multiple parts and accessories: Cue cosplay costumes, props, self-assembled models… we do check the general appearance, but there’s the possibility of missing or wrong parts that we may not catch on, especially if the parts are small/numerous, or if the seller’s description is vague.
  • Gifts/Freebies, unless it’s a bonus item that you had to pay more for.

Only purchase from reputable shops with good feedback. It will reduce the likelihood of problems with your purchase.

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