Website Revamp Almost Complete

Thanks for your patience! Most of the important information is properly organised here, but there may be some missing links and I have not copied over some of the Taobao guides. I’m going away this weekend so unfortunately all this will have to wait till next week. But all the available information here should still be helpful for new customers placing their orders for the first time.

For my old/regular customers, pretty much none of the policies have changed. But I am no longer offering event pick-up services due to the problems and fewer people utilising them which makes them really expensive for each individual. I apologise for that! And if you need any recommendations for a Japanese event pick-up service, just email me and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. I have also streamlined the order process. The old way of placing orders is still accepted, but you may want to check out the new format in case that’s something you prefer.

I also simplified the website design and content, went on an FAQ plugin kick and made all my walls-of-texts collapsible. So I’ve got all my FAQs and Shipping-related information compacted into 1 page while retaining the same amount of detailed information, and I’m pretty proud of that! (I will do it for the shopping services page too when I’m back). I hope that improves readability and convenience in finding the relevant information.