Announcement: Important Update Regarding Taiwan Economy Shopping Service

I’d like to inform you of some changes regarding the Taiwan Economy Shopping Service. After careful evaluation, I’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue it effective immediately.

This decision was not taken lightly. I understand that some of you have relied on this service, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Unfortunately, experiences with my partner for the Economy Service has been lack-lustre. Their inconsistencies in service quality and reliability, as well as failure to maintain clear, timely, effective communication, has made it challenging for me to maintain high service standards for customers using my service to purchase from Taiwan.

Moving forward, please choose the Taiwan Premium Shopping Service instead. Despite the cost difference, I’ve had a pleasant partnership with this service provider for almost a decade. I believe the increased quality, reliability, and personalised support offered justifies the cost difference.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider searching for your desired item on Taobao or Xianyu, both of which I provide shopping services for. Many Taiwan products are also retailed in China, and this option will allow you to obtain your purchases at possibly lower prices.

Thank you for your understanding and support as always!


Status: Taiwan Shopping Service Back from Hiatus

Update: 7 Dec 2022

Thanks for waiting! After dabbling with some new transaction platforms, my Taiwan shopping service is ready to accept new orders. There will be no changes to current payment methods. However, orders placed from today will be subject to the revised service fees stated on my Taiwan Shopping Service fee page as a result of increased platform payment fees. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update: 10 Nov 2022

The bank is still unwilling to lift the limits to receive foreign funds. So I can’t accept new orders, as I have to reserve the limits for orders that are currently open with me.

In the meantime, my proxy and I are figuring out other ways to handle payments. Once we can establish a reliable payment method between the both of us, I’ll be able to accept new orders. But for now, I can’t process new orders anytime soon, so please consider looking for another shopping service. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: 3 Nov 2022

I’ve temporarily stopped accepting new orders for my Taiwan Shopping Service. Due to a recent surge in high-value orders, the bank is investigating the influx of foreign payments into the bank account and those foreign payments can’t be used until their investigation is complete. I’m not sure how long this will take, so I have to temporarily stop accepting new orders. Shipments will not be affected and all purchased items can be shipped out as per normal.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can still email me your order and I’ll get back to you once I’m able to make payments again. Sorry about the inconvenience caused!

Hey everyone, thought I’d make a pinned post here to inform everyone about my activity status, which some people came to associate with the recency of my blog posts. I don’t update the blog anymore since I realise I actually haven’t got time to blog regularly. This is still a side-hustle and I have another day job. But rest assured that I am checking my emails almost every day. If I’m on a break, it will be reflected on this page and I will set up an auto-reply as well. Thank you for reaching out and I always look forward to helping you with your orders.