Status: Temporary Hiatus for Taiwan Shopping Service

As of 20 September 2022, I will stop accepting new orders via my Taiwan Shopping Service until further notice. I apologise for the abrupt notice. However, I’m facing challenges coping with a recent influx of orders. I will continue to process orders that are in progress. Resumption of service will be announced here after I’m done clearing out existing orders and I thank you for your patience.

It’s business as usual for my China, Japan and Singapore shopping services.

Hey everyone, thought I’d make a pinned post here to inform everyone about my activity status, which some people came to associate with the recency of my blog posts. I don’t update the blog anymore since I realise I actually haven’t got time to blog regularly. This is still a side-hustle and I have another day job. But rest assured that I am checking my emails almost every day. If I’m on a break, it will be reflected on this page and I will set up an auto-reply as well. Thank you for reaching out and I always look forward to helping you with your orders.