Request for a Translation

I’m willing to work with a deadline. Let me know how long I have so I can decide whether to take on your project. You can begin by sending me 2 pages from your doujinshi, which I’ll translate as a preview for you. You get to see what my translation style is like before going […]


For customers who bought your doujinshi through my shopping service, it’s 1 SGD per page, or 10 SGD per book, whichever costs more. Otherwise, it’s 1.50 SGD per page, or 15 SGD per book, whichever costs more. You will not be charged for pages with just sound effects or minimal dialogue.

Terms & Conditions

I translate everything including sound effects and action words, and also free talk (If the Free Talk is quite long, I may charge more for that particular section). I will consider translating fanfics. The rates will be different. I’m open to all sorts of series, genres and content. For series that I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll […]

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