Do you do quality checks?

Yes, we will check for the following:

Quantity: If the seller sends out less than what you ordered, the seller will be asked to send out the missing quantities free of charge. For bulk purchases concerning small items (e.g. buttons), it will not be possible to count everything and achieve a 100% accuracy.

Colour: The general colour of the items will be checked (e.g. blue vs yellow), but not so much the shade of the colour (e.g. turquoise vs cerulean). The lighting when the photo was taken and the difference in calibration of colours on monitors can lead to a slight difference in colours between the actual item and the photo onscreen.

Size: If the item comes with a sizing label, it is possible to check the order against it. If there’s no label, it will not be possible to check it. This applies to custom-sized clothing too.

Design/Style: Where there are multiple designs available, checks will be conducted to ensure the seller sent out the correct design. Marginal differences in design may be missed.

Regarding brand-new and sealed products, some may be opened for further inspection while others may not, depending on the packaging. If you have specific requests regarding whether to extract the product or not, kindly inform me when placing your order. Otherwise, the warehouse personnel will use their discretion. While the warehouse team will exercise caution when handling the product, they will not be held responsible for any missing or damaged parts that may result from unpacking the item.

We do not conduct in-depth checks on the products. If you’re concerned about the product’s condition, you can request photos or videos to conduct your inspection. This add-on service is available for specific shopping services, and you can refer to their respective pages for more information.

However, please note, that in general, for second-hand market places like Xianyu where the sellers are not expected or required to provide professional after-sales service, we will not negotiate with the seller regarding returns or refunds, with the exception of when the item is significantly different than stated, damaged or missing.

We are unable to verify the following:

  • Authenticity of products
  • Functionality
  • Complicated items consisting of multiple parts and accessories: Cue cosplay costumes, props, self-assembled models… we do check that the general appearance and product description on the packaging matches what was ordered, but there’s the possibility of missing or wrong parts that we may not catch on, especially if the parts are small/numerous, or if the seller’s description is vague.
  • Gifts/Freebies, unless it’s a bonus item that you had to pay more for.

Regarding second-hand items:

  • It’s important to keep in mind that sellers on second-hand marketplaces such as Xianyu or Carousell are typically not professionals. As a result, their level of service and product quality may not be the same as that of professional sellers.
  • When you buy second-hand items, you acknowledge that the product won’t be in the same condition as when it was first released, even if the seller claims it’s unused or barely used. Additionally, there could be defects that the seller didn’t notice or didn’t capture in photographs.

    Please only purchase from reputable shops and sellers with good feedback. It will reduce the likelihood of problems with your purchase.