Regarding clothes, what size should I choose?

Standard sizes for Clothing Standard sizes i.e. S, M, L, XL and One-size only pieces differ for different stores and even different items from the same store. Never assume that just because you usually wear a certain size back home, the same size from the Taobao store will fit you. Size is just a label […]

Is there a way to know how much stock is available?

See my tips in red. There are always exceptions to the case! From experience, many sellers will not be sure of exactly how many pieces instock they have, or more accurately, they won’t bother to check. Sometimes, an item is still listed for sale despite being out of stock, and the seller only informs after […]

Is this a pre-order or is it in stock?

Here are some useful terms that may show up in the item name: 定金 / ding金:Downpayment (usually for a pre-order). Usually the listed price will be significantly lower than the actual price. 预定:Preorder 尾款 / 尾kuan: Remainder payment of a previous pre-order. You can’t purchase it if you did not participate in said preorder. 定做 […]

Do you take orders for pre-order / split-payment listings?

Yes, I do. Bear in mind that the downpayment for 99% of such pre-orders is non-refundable, and they are usually also impossible to dispute because the seller would require the customer to acknowledge the first transaction so Taobao will release the funds to them, after which the first transaction would be considered a success. Also, […]

How do I choose a reliable Taobao seller?

The best way to find out whether a store is reliable or whether an item is as described or shown in the stock images is to read the customer’s reviews on each product page and on the seller’s rating page. If you can’t read Chinese, there are some other solutions: Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating On […]

Is my personal information safe with you?

Your personal information will only be shared with the relevant parties who are involved in processing your order/shipment. Order-specific information like body measurements will be shared with the seller. Shipping information will be shared with the postal service / courier and the logistics agent handling your parcel. Aside from that, I will not give your […]

Do you accept group orders?

Yes I accept Group Orders. But I will only handle communications and payments with one person – the GO leader. So it’ll just be like a normal order, but a large one. The GO leader must coordinate all the orders and payments. I will not handle members’ orders and payments separately.

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