Why do your service fees seem higher compared to other shopping services?

My service fees may appear higher because I work with live exchange rates. Unlike some other shopping services that claim to charge a 5-10% service fees, I do not incorporate hidden fees into inflated currency exchange rates.

Additionally, I’m based in Singapore and provide shopping services in other countries through proxies, which means that my fees are subject to cross-border transaction fees and currency exchange rates.

I understand that transparency is crucial, so I’m upfront about my service fees and what they cover. However, if you feel that my services do not justify the price, you’re welcome to explore other shopping services. I won’t attempt to change your mind or offer discounted service fees because you’ve compared my service fees to others.

Some of the listed prices look off. Are there other fees that I should be aware of?

On Taobao, some listings are pre-orders and are only listed at the downpayment price, which might seem quite low. Conversely, some items are listed at very high prices for display purposes only, either to inform people of an upcoming product or to showcase products that are no longer available for sale or pre-order. Additionally, there may be additional costs associated with certain products that are not visible in the listing, such as custom sizing.

Similarly, on Xianyu, not all listings are actual sale listings. If the price appears unreasonably cheap or expensive, it is most likely not the actual price. The terms 收 and 求 are associated with “Want To Buy” listings, while 挂 and 展示 are used for showing off items that are not for sale.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about anything. I will calculate the exact amount you need to pay before confirming your order. If you are unable to commit to a purchase without a clear idea of the total amount payable, you can use the Price Quote Request / Contact Form to get a price quote.

How do I determine the domestic shipping fee?

To find the domestic shipping fee for various e-commerce platforms, you need to know that some webstores list it below the product price, while others like Xianyu or Carousell may require you to initiate contact with the seller to find out. In some cases, the domestic postage rates may be published on a different page within the website.

  • If you need estimates for budgeting purposes, here’s what you can expect:
  • Taobao: Usually no more than 15rmb. Many offer free postage these days.
  • Xianyu: Typically no more than 15rmb, but for high-value items, Shunfeng may be used, which can cost around 25rmb. While some Xianyu listings may list the domestic shipping fee as 0 or 包邮, the domestic postage may be charged on delivery, and sellers usually specify 到付 on the product listing, seller bio, or terms & conditions page to indicate this.
  • Singapore: Commercial sellers usually charge between 1.50 SGD –  3 SGD, while non-professional sellers on Carousell may charge between 3.50 and 5 SGD.
  • Japan: Usually ranges between 400 to 800 yen, and may be free with a certain amount of purchase.
  • Taiwan: Usually between 60 to 100 TWD.
  • These are just estimates and it could vary with the location of the seller and type of product.
  • When placing an order, I will select the most economical option that is reliable and trackable.