What items cannot be purchased?

  • Flammable items (including fragrances, alcohol, nail polish, lighter)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver)
  • Cigarettes
  • Fresh food
  • Live animals
  • Plants (includes seeds and flowers)
  • Hazardous products like weapons. Includes props that resemble weapons as well, notably guns and blades.

Some types of products are prohibited by certain shipping methods. These are usually products of sensitive nature and shipping them by a sensitive shipping route tends to be significantly pricier than other methods. If shipping costs are a concern for you, please avoid the following types of products so you don’t limit your shipping options:

  • Any type of food product, including dried goods and snacks
  • Any type of product with powder
  • Any type of product with liquid (e.g. make-up, pens)
  • Products containing magnetic fields and batteries, which rules out most electronic gadgets.