There’s a quality problem with my purchase. Can I get a refund / exchange?

Please take clear photos of the problem areas and email them to me.

I will try my best to help you get some form of compensation, but I can’t guarantee it. Once a transaction on Taobao ends (it closes automatically about 15 days after the seller posts out the item if no complaint is lodged), and usually it ends before the recipient receives the package due to the long duration of overseas shipping, the seller has no obligation to entertain complaints and refunds, and the outcome really boils down to the seller’s ethics. Unfortunately, they usually aren’t willing to send out a replacement with free international shipping because it’s too costly.

Here are examples of problem cases I encountered and their somewhat successful outcomes

  • Platform shoes fell apart completely, the seller gave a full refund
  • Dress had a streak across the print of her skirt. The seller exchanged the dress, was willing to pay for the spoiled dress to be airmailed to China, but the buyer had to pay for shipping back.
  • Received a wrong wig (both wigs were the same colour but in different styles), and was offered a 50% discount on the correct wig to be sent out.

Less desirable outcomes:

  • Received a dress with small holes. The seller ignored my complaint.
  • Received a costume that was way shorter than requested length. Seller offered to fix it for free but was unwilling to pay for shipping there and back.
  • Received two cardigans that were labelled XL but turned out to be really XS. The seller ignored my message.

Please be reminded that as stated in my General FAQ, we don’t do in-depth quality checks. Therefore, I’d like to remind buyers to only choose items from reputable sellers as they are less likely to send you substandard goods or provide substandard service.

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