There’s a quality problem with my purchase. Can I get a refund / exchange?

If you have a problem with the quality of your purchase, please be aware that the standard protocol for most sellers is to require consumers to send back the replacement product in order to get a refund or replacement. However, this can be difficult for international customers due to the expensive shipping fees and the long duration of overseas shipping. Additionally, most sellers require customers to notify them about any problems as soon as possible after receiving their parcel, but this can also be challenging due to the long shipping time.

If you have missing parts in your purchase, the seller will usually agree to send them for free to the local forwarding warehouse. However, you will need to pay international shipping fees to ship them to you. If it is a small item, you may consider shipping it together with a future order to save on shipping fees.

If you wish to seek compensation for a quality issue, please take clear photos of the problem areas and email them to me. While I will do my best to help you, I cannot guarantee any compensation.