There’s a quality problem with my purchase. Can I get a refund / exchange?

The standard protocol is to require consumers to send back the replacement product in order to get a refund or replacement. Sellers are usually unwilling to cover the expensive international shipping fees. Furthermore, the expectation is that customers should notify the seller about problems as soon as possible after they receive their parcel. Due to the long overseas shipping duration, this is often not possible and by the time the consumer receives the product, the window for problem resolution has closed.

For items with missing parts, the seller will typically consent to send it out for free to the warehouse, but you’d have to ship it with your future shipment, or pay international shipping fees if you ship it out alone.

If you still wish to attempt to get some compensation, please take clear photos of the problem areas and email them to me. I will try my best to help you get some form of compensation, but I can’t guarantee it.

Please be reminded that as stated in my answer on quality checks, we don’t do in-depth quality checks.

For second-hand products, the window of time for problem resolution is even shorter. When you purchase items second-hand, by default, you accept that the product cannot possibly be as new as it was at the time of its release, and there may be small flaws that the seller has missed or failed to photograph. Hence, it’ll be even more challenging to receive compensation from sellers, who may simply be looking to declutter and have no interest in maintaining a commercial reputation for international customers.