Some items are missing or damaged. What should I do?

Please contact me immediately if you find that any items are missing from your package. If the package shows no signs of damage or tampering, it is possible that the product was not purchased or shipped out by mistake. I will investigate this further for you.

However, if the package has been damaged or tampered with, it is important to provide video or photo evidence to support your claims or investigation requests. Please refer to my advice on taking videos of the outer package and the unboxing process.

If any items are damaged, please take photographs of the damage. If a part of a set or item is missing, please photograph the parts that you did receive. If there is a sticker label with numbers on it, please photograph it as well. Please do not dispose of the product packaging until the issue is resolved.

Please send all evidence to me with an explanation of the problem, and I will investigate as soon as possible. If there are any issues with your parcel, you must contact me within two weeks of the projected delivery date. Most service providers will not entertain claims requests after this time frame.