My parcel is damaged / has some items missing. How do I file a claim?

Evidence is needed for all claims.

Before you open your parcel:

  • Inspect the box first for signs that it has been opened up or damaged.
  • Take clear pictures of the sealed openings on the box (that’s usually the top, and bottom of the parcel). Photograph the damages if any.

Inspect contents:

  • Open your package gently. If you’re using a pen knife, do not push it in too deep as you may cut into the contents.
  • Snap another top view picture of the layout of the contents in the box
  • Check all items as soon as you can.
  • If items are damaged, photograph the damage. If a part of a set / item is missing, photograph the parts that you did receive. If there is a sticker label with numbers on it, that is usually the identification label used by the warehouse to identify items, photograph it as well. Do not dispose the product packaging until the case is closed.
  • Send all your photos to me with explanations about the problem and I’ll get it looked into as soon as possible.
  • If there are problems with your parcel, contact me within 2 weeks from the projected deadline that you are supposed to receive your parcel. Otherwise, I assume that you have safely received your parcel with no problems, and that concludes the end of our transaction.

If the exterior of the package is damaged, and the contents are damaged or missing as a result, I can file a complaint / compensation to the courier company or post office.

If contents are missing, but the parcel is intact, the missing item will be sent out if found, or you will get a refund.

Word of caution: it is generally very difficult to claim for damages and missing parcels from the postal service.

I would like to assure you that all packages are carefully packed, with usage of boxes, bubble-wrap and packing fillers where necessary. Many different people/companies are involved in the shipping process and it is difficult to pinpoint the blame. Even if the claim is successful, if the value of the parcel has been marked down, the compensation amount is very little.

I will do my best to protect your interests, but if I fail to secure a claim for you, please understand that I have tried my best.

Please consider insuring your package or valuable products (available for China and Japan shopping services) if you experienced shipping problems before or your country’s postal service is not very good.