Revision to upcoming CNY hiatus

Hello everyone,

My shopping/shipping partners and proxies have released their CNY holiday schedule, and I am revising my hiatus accordingly to match it:

January 26th, 2024 – February 17th, 2024

During these times, my access to emails will be limited, resulting in sporadic replies. While I’ll continue to accept orders and process them, please expect delays in my responses, possibly beyond the usual 5-day timeframe. Additionally, due to the holiday season, sellers and courier services will also be observing holidays, leading to unavoidable service disruptions.

For Xianyu orders as well as Taiwan second-hand market orders (Ruten, Shopee), I will only process them up to February 6th (that’s a few days before CNY starts), and strictly after February 17th (when the public holiday ends in China). This is because many sellers are traveling or preoccupied with the festivities, and there is a high failure rate of transactions as sellers fail to locate the items or forget to mail them out. If I accept your payment, only for the transaction to fall through, payment platform fees are non-refundable. Therefore, it’s much better to wait until things are back to normal before placing orders.

In addition, I’m currently dealing with a high volume of orders due to people rushing to get their orders in before my hiatus. I seek your understanding and patience, and as always, if your order is urgent, please consider other services. Thank you!