Announcement: Service fee revisions, new cost estimate spreadsheet, new order and price quote forms

Greetings everyone, I wanted to take a moment to update you all on some important changes to my service fees and operations. Please take a moment to review the following announcements.

(1) Changes to service fees for Xianyu

Starting March 31, I won’t be able to use my usual payment option for Xianyu transactions due to Alipay’s revised policies. Unfortunately, the alternative payment methods I have to switch to come with higher transaction fees. As a result, I have to raise my service fees for Xianyu transactions to cover these additional costs. The service fees will be increased from the current 15% to 20%. A 3 USD or 5 SGD handling fee will also apply to products costing under 100rmb including domestic postage. The deadline for submission of orders is 29 March 5PM to enjoy the current rates before the revised fees apply, and payment needs to be in by 30 March 5PM (Beijing +8GMT).

(2) Reintroduction of SGD as Payment Currency for Paypal. USD is accepted for WISE

Starting from 31 March, I will switch back to SGD for Paypal payments for all my various services. For the past 4 months, I experimented with accepting PayPal payments via USD currency, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been working out for me. However, those who prefer to pay by USD may still do so by using WISE. As with above, the deadline for submission of orders is 29 March 5PM before the revised payment policy applies, and payment needs to be in by 30 March 5PM (Beijing +8GMT).

(3) New Cost Estimate Spreadsheet to help with price estimates

I have created a new cost estimate spreadsheet for all my shopping services to reflect the current rates. You can use it to generate price estimates and help with your budgeting. Please note that the new rates and currencies mentioned earlier will be incorporated into the spreadsheet starting from March 29.

You can access the cost estimate spreadsheet either by clicking on the link provided here or visiting the shopping service pages.

(4) Revised Order Form & Price Quote Form

I have created a new Order Form and Price Quote Request / Contact Form to streamline the ordering process. Regular customers may still email me, but incomplete orders will delay the process.

Orders submitted through the Order Form will have higher priority. This is encouraged for products in low-stock or one-of-a-kind items. But please only use this form if you intend to purchase, and only if you’re able to pay as soon as you receive the payment invoice.

If you are unsure about the actual listing price or committing to a purchase without a clear idea of the total amount payable, you can use the new Price Quote Request / Contact Form

Please use the Order Form responsibly. Repeatedly submitting orders without follow-through in a timely manner will result in de-prioritization of future orders.

(5) Information on shopping service info pages and FAQ have been edited for improved coherence and readability.

Thank you!