Announcement: Back from Hiatus

Hello friends! I’m back from my hiatus! Actually, it feels like I never really went on hiatus, because despite my warning about an uptick in shipping issues, I continue to get requests from my regulars, who were very understanding and agreeable to switch to more reliable albeit more expensive methods like DHL, Fedex and the likes. Thank you so much for your support and understanding! I really am grateful. So I decided I might as well remove the hiatus notice from my website.

Generally, there are no changes to my service, but with fluctuating shipping prices and availability, it is no longer possible for me to give an accurate shipping fee estimation before you place your order, so I seek your understanding of this. I will still try to do so if you insist, but please also be prepared for when the actual shipping fee turns out to be more than that, or if your preferred shipping method is not available when your order is ready to ship.

In recent months, shipping problems have been exacerbated by fuel shortages and cargo crunch in China. I strongly advise everyone to use private couriers like Fedex, DHL, and UPS, which have more reliable and predictable schedules due to them having their own freights. This advice applies to customers in EU nations too. Since the new VAT laws were implemented in July, I’ve had some parcels rejected and sent back for unknown reasons when I use EMS or e-packet/registered airmail. These problems do not come with private couriers which tend to be much more capable at clearing customs. With that said, the more economical shipping methods like ems and e-packet are still available, but you use it them your own risk. If parcels take longer than usual to arrive, the post offices won’t investigate it. If the parcel gets rejected because of your insistence on airmail / ems, please understand that you don’t get any shipping fee refunds and you’d also have to pay a retrieval fee.

The pandemic has been hard on some of our finances, so I wanted to make sure that my customers are aware of the shipping challenges and costs before placing your order. In the meantime, I promise to keep up with the search for more reliable and economical shipping methods. I am certainly open to supporting your efforts to keep shipping costs low e.g. if you run a group order.

Thank you and stay safe!