Full List of Services

Each of my services are accessible from the navigation menu, but this may save you some time if you’re wondering which service is best-suited for your needs. Click on the names of the service to bring you to their individual pages.

Purchase, consolidation, storage and shipping are included in all my shopping services!

Taobao Shopping Service

Taobao is China’s largest marketplace and you can find all kinds of products and services on it, from niche items like Lolita fashion and BJDs to regular stuff like clothes and lifestyle products. Many international brands have also established official Taobao shops to reach out to the Chinese market, so you can also expect to find a wide variety of international goods, and even some exclusive items that are only available in China. Besides Taobao, I can also shop from other online platforms in China, as well as Xianyu, a popular online second-hand marketplace.

Japan Shopping Service

Various companies in Japan carry a huge variety of official and doujin ACG (anime, comics, games) merch and media for all kinds of genres! My Japan shopping service does not cover non-ACG products, but I may be able to assist you with direct purchase of products, or help you find them on Taobao.

Taiwan Shopping Service

Taiwan has always been a huge importer of ACG. Artists in Taiwan have generated plenty of high quality doujin and original works and sell them on various specialised online platforms and conventions. My Taiwan shopping service does not cover non-ACG products, but I may be able to help you find them on Taobao.

Singapore Shopping Service (coming soon)

Many international brands are setting up shop in Singapore to expand their reach to the SEA market. We have the world’s only permanent Pokemon Centre outside Japan, for example. Our Starbucks chain is furiously churning out Singapore-exclusive collectibles every season. In addition, we also have many talented indie creators selling their work online and at conventions. Being based in Singapore, I can help you purchase just about anything in Singapore, regardless whether they are only available in brick and mortar stores or online!


For those who need help understanding their books and doujinshi in Chinese, or require more content translated beyond the usual product info, I offer a Chinese-English translation service too, and vice versa!