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Have a question about my services that is not answered on this website? Contact me at the following email address: If your question is product-specific, you are strongly encouraged to use the order format found on their respective pages to receive a faster response. You can also find me on the following social media […]


You can read feedback about my shopping service and transactions on these places: Google Reviews Livejournal / Dreamwidth Mirror Old Livejournal / Dreamwidth mirror (Group orders) / Dreamwidth mirror (Personal sales) EGL Feedback Lace Market Ebay Carousell Den of Angels eCrater Some of my favourite testimonies: I’ve received so many great comments from my wonderful […]

Why Choose My Service?

There are tonnes of Taobao shopping services out there. Why choose me? I’m effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin. No angsting over misunderstandings arising from words lost in translation. My service is very personal. I deal with a small number of orders each time and I’m thorough with each order. I’ll help you make clarifications […]

About Me

I’m Angie. I’m from Singapore. I love Cats, Lolita Fashion and Japan. I was a huge fan of Olivia Lufkin, and I named my personal website Celestial Delinquent after Olivia’s song because it’s a pretty title with meaningful lyrics. I made some attempts at blogging, and I also used it to host self-made scanlations for […]

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