I’ve paid, but now I want to cancel my order. Can I?

Cancellation policies vary by seller, but in general, cancellations are only allowed under certain circumstances, including:

  • The item you wish to purchase is out of stock
  • Part of a set is out of stock (e.g., you ordered a dress and matching accessory, but the dress is out of stock)
  • Waiting time is unreasonably extended (subject to the seller’s cancellation policies)
  • The seller sent out a wrong or defective item (the first course of action is to request an exchange, but it may also be possible to cancel the order for legitimate reasons)

If an order is cancelled successfully, please note that payment platform fees, such as those charged by Paypal, Wise, or international bank transfers, are non-refundable. To avoid incurring these fees, you may request to roll over the payment for a future order.