How much will it cost?

The payable amount consists of 2 parts:

1) Cost of item + service fees
2) International shipping fees

1) Cost of item + shopping service fees

  • 10% of product + domestic postage for most commercial online stores.
  • 1 SGD handling fee per store, which will be waived for high-value orders.
  • Higher service fees will be charged for purchasing from brick-and-mortar stores, events and sales listings where the only collection method is meet-up instead of postage and other more complex orders

Use this cost estimation spreadsheet to estimate how much part (1) of your order will cost. Simply download it if you have a programme that can read excel, or make a copy of it if you have Google Sheets.

2) International Shipping Fees

  • Payment is only required when you make arrangements to have your purchases shipped to you.
  • Includes shipping fees, packaging costs and associated administrative costs (e.g. some couriers charge customs clearance fees).
  • I do not charge additional handling fees. However, payment platform fees (i.e. Paypal fees, WISE fees, bank transfer fees) are billable expenses.
  • You can choose between Speedpost (EMS), registered airmail and registered surface mail. Refer to Singapore‚Äôs postal service) website for the shipping fee rates.
  • DHL, UPS and Fedex are also available, but at significantly higher rates.
  • Orders placed are non-refundable even if you are unable or unwilling to pay for the shipping fee. If you have a strict shipping fee budget, please use the Price Quote Request Form. I will try to advise whether it is feasible to stay within it.