How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?
The payable amount consists of 2 parts:

1) Cost of item + shopping service fees

– Listed prices are in Japanese Yen.
– Buying multiple items from the same store usually entitles you to combined domestic shipping discount.
– If +税 is stated next to the price, this means that the 10% tax is not included in the price, and you should include it in.
– If there is a 税込 next to the price, it means that tax is already included.
– I will calculate for you exactly how much you have to pay before confirming your order, so don’t worry.

Calculation method:
(Item Price) JPY / 50 = Payable amount in SGD

[Based on exchange rate of 1 SGD : 70 JPY. Exchange rate includes shopping service fee, cross-border transaction fees and bank transfer fees.]

2) Cost of domestic shipping within Japan + Shipping to You

This payment portion will only be required when your purchases are ready for shipping and you choose a shipping method.

Domestic shipping differs for each website. I will choose the cheapest possible option. Domestic shipping for each website ranges between 140 to 400 yen. If you’re purchasing from multiple different sellers and this is a concern for you, I can give you an estimate on the domestic shipping costs on your request.

EMS, registered airmail and registered SAL are available. Refer to Japan Post for the rates.

An additional charge will be factored in in light of packaging costs, cross-border transaction fees and currency exchange fees. Please use the online calculator listed above to convert estimated shipping cost in NT to SGD.

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