H.5) Restricted Items that can only go by sensitive shipping

The list restricted items for each shipping method are not exhaustive. Restrictions are subject to changes according to the courier / postal service’s policies. These policies may sometimes be relaxed, or become even more strict, depending on the situation in China.

As a rule of thumb, if you do not want to pay for expensive shipping i.e. sensitive shipment, avoid purchasing the following items:
– Food
– Cosmetics products
– Liquid products
– Digital products & electronics
– Items with magnets and batteries

Batteries can be removed at your request, but in-built ones are non-removable. Some items have hidden magnets and we may only find out when the items are subjected to checks with special equipment at the postal services / couriers. If you suspect an item may contain magnets/batteries, and would prefer not to pay for the sensitive shipment option, please ask me to clarify with the seller before purchasing.