C) Budget Express Courier

  • Pros: Fast and economical
  • Does not accept: Chemical products (including cosmetics), items with international logos, items not made in China, food products, medicines, magnetic products, liquids, powder, CDs, batteries. For Australia, products made of wood are not allowed for import through this shipping method.
  • Incurs volumetric weight, not recommended for large packages
  • Shipping fees may be charged according to its volumetric weight, which is determined by dimensions of the parcel. A rough estimation would be physical weight in kg x 1.5, but bulky parcels may amount to more than that.
  • In China, the package is usually handled by Shunfeng Express. Under certain circumstances, this may be changed to another local courier without prior notice. When the package reaches your country, it will be handled by your local courier company that is in partnership with Shunfeng Express. In the USA, the partner courier is usually USPS. In Europe, it is usually Parcel Force or GLS. Subject to circumstances, the partner courier in your country may also be changed without notice. Rest assured that it will be a locally-based company that you can get in touch with. Regardless, if you have reservations about some of your local couriers, please check with me in advance, or use EMS.