I don’t want to ship my purchases now. Do you offer item storage?

Yes, for Taobao / China, non-perishable items can be stored for free for up to 1 month (30 days) from the time your purchase arrives at the warehouse. After that, each item will be subject to a 0.10 SGD storage charge per item per day. The maximum storage time is 2 months (60 days), after which, your purchases may be disposed of if shipping arrangements are not made.

For my Japanese shopping service, the free storage period is 2 months. A daily fee of 1 SGD per item per day is required upon exceeding this free storage period.

For Taiwan shopping service, there’s no charge for storage, and there isn’t a specific deadline for storage period, but the consolidation location is a residential house, not a warehouse. The faster you can have your items shipped, the better.

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